Cancellations at airports in the northwest U.S. due to severe storms

Many passengers experience flight cancellations in the northeast area of the United States, which includes New York and New Jersey, owing to severe storms.

By Tuesday morning, more than 300 flights had been canceled, while more than 900 posted delays, according to the FlightAware data.

The good news is that the situation has improved compared to the previous day, where 8200 flights were delayed and more than 1000 were canceled.

Delta Air Lines are among the hardest airlines hit by storms, affecting nearly 11% of their flight schedule.

The airline recorded 148 delayed flights, with LaGuardia Airport being the hardest hit by cancellations and delays on Tuesdays.

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Other airports affected by storms include Atlanta, Georgia, Boston Logan, and Newark, whereas in Maryland, the storm caused passersby to be stranded.

Government authorities have estimated that at least 120 million people are at risk of severe storms that cause winds, hail, and heavy rain.

On Mondays, 11 states were reported to have had problems with electrical services due to severe storms.

Moreover, this is not the first time airline passengers have been affected by inclement weather. In previous months, thousands of passengers had experienced flights and delays due to storms and a lack of air traffic personnel.

With information from CNN 

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