Costco Discovery: Live Worm in Salmon Package Goes Viral on TikTok

A recent video posted on TikTok has stirred up the social media platform. A Costco customer, identified on the platform as @msrachellyn, shared a clip showing a live worm wriggling inside a salmon package she had purchased from the store.

The video, which carries the text “return the salmon immediately,” has garnered over 2 million views in a short span.

The parasite’s discovery in the salmon has elicited various reactions from netizens. While some TikTok commentators pointed out that it’s common to find worms in fish, others were more concerned about the product’s price, which stood at $32. Some, with a touch of humor, mentioned the worm was simply “additional protein” in the food.

Beyond the jokes and comments, it’s crucial to note that, according to the British Columbia Center for Disease Control in Canada, 75% of Pacific wild salmon is infected with anisakid nematodes.

These parasites are common in fish, and typically, cooking the food thoroughly or freezing it for an extended period can eliminate them. However, if consumed alive, they can latch onto a human’s stomach and cause infections like anisakiasis or diphyllobothriasis.

This incident serves as a reminder for consumers always to check and adequately cook food before consumption, especially when dealing with raw products like fish.

@msrachellyn Live parasites in the salmon today at #costco ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

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