Disney is criticized for having a male employee dressed as a woman in one of its parks

Disney is once again facing criticism of social networks due to the video spread by visitors, in which a male employee is seen dressed as a woman.

The video, which went viral on Tiktok, shows a man dressed as a fairy godmother, welcoming visitors to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique store at the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California.


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“My name is Nick, I am one of the fairy godmothers’ apprentices,” says the employee, who wears a themed costume and makeup that matches his uniform.

“A cross-dressing man is not only strange and inappropriate, but it takes guests out of the ‘show’ – the illusion is shattered. Nothing matters except the agenda and your 4-year-old is a pawn they’re happy to mentally trick,” said writer Peachy Keenan, according to the New York Post.

The Rubin Report host Dave Rubin joked about the video and commented that staff would likely be recruited to join Biden’s cabinet.

“What’s particularly interesting about this is how intentional it is. This is a guy with a mustache in dress. He’s not a ‘trans’ person. Think about how many real girls want that job at Disney, and they gave it to him for a reason…” Rubin said.

In an effort to promote inclusivity and increase the cast of members who do not identify as female, Disney replaced the title of “Fairy Godmother in Training” with “Fair Godmother Apprentices.”

“This way, cast members who may not identify as female can still be part of the process for dressing and styling children without having to refer to themselves as a female Disney character,” Disney said at the time.

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