Emergency rooms forced to close due to hospital group cyberattack

At least four states had to shut down their emergency rooms due to a hospital cyberattack on Fridays.

The attack was carried out against Prospect Medical Holdings, a hospital group that runs at least 16 hospitals in California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, where data security is compromised.

“Upon learning of this, we took our systems offline to protect them and initiated an investigation with the help of outside cybersecurity specialists,” he added.

The specialist group at Waterbury Hospital in Connecticut reported that the computer problem affected interventions for patients who were either inpatients or outpatients; therefore, hospital staff had to make paper records until the problem was resolved.

Meanwhile, the Eastern Connecticut Health Network informed its users that the emergency center was closed, and elective surgeries would be cancelled until further notice.

According to information from professionals, the incident was known to be a “ransomware” attack aimed at obtaining data, although the investigation is still ongoing.

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In this type of cyberattack, vulnerable information systems are accessed to steal data and then send a ransom note to avoid making it public in exchange for money.

“As our investigation continues, we are focused on addressing the urgent needs of our patients and are working diligently to return to normal as soon as possible.

With information from CBS News

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