Family discovers a Bear swimming in their Massachusetts pool

A Massachusetts family found a Bear swimming in their backyard pool by surprise. The owner, Sebastian Stafani, claimed that he was watching TV inside the house when he peeked out the window and found the bear splashing in the pool.

His screams attracted the attention of his sister, Anabelle Stafani, who quickly ran to see what was going on, which, to her surprise, was the bear cooling off in the water.

“I thought he cut his finger or something. I went downstairs and saw a bear in the pool.” Anabelle recounted to WHDH-TV, still stunned by the unexpected guest.

The siblings quickly set about filming the bear as it continued to swim and explore the yard and seemed oddly attracted to the squirt gun, an object it took a bite out of, as the siblings continued to watch in amazement.

“I thought, ‘What’s going on, how did it get in there?” said Sebastian, trying to comprehend surreal situations.

However, the situation was smoothly brought under control as an Animal Control officer appeared at the scene, and the officer helped the bear leave the yard and return to its natural habitat.

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The experience was quite curious and impressive for both Stafani brothers, who commented that the bear helped them clean the pool filter that was full of pine needles.

“He was swimming around, got out and emptied that filter with pine needles, so he did us a favor,” he noted with a sense of gratitude.

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