FBI Warns of Increased Threats Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

The United States is currently experiencing a “sobering” and “unique moment” in its domestic security landscape, largely influenced by the recent Israel-Hamas war, according to Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco in an exclusive interview with ABC News.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco provided the first detailed insights into how the conflict overseas has fueled an already heightened threat environment in the U.S.

This situation is being described by many officials as the most challenging since pre-9/11 times. Monaco emphasized the seriousness of these threats, underscoring the unique challenges faced by U.S. law enforcement in addressing them.

Intensified FBI Response to Emerging Threats

Since the onset of the war on October 7, sparked by Hamas’ terror attack in Israel, the FBI has been actively responding to over 1,800 reports of threats or leads connected to the conflict.

Currently, more than 100 investigations are open, revealing the breadth and complexity of these threats. Monaco highlighted the particular concern about “lone wolves” and small groups who act with minimal forewarning, making prevention and intervention more difficult.

Radicalization and Diverse Threat Sources

In her discussion with ABC News Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas, Monaco pointed out the diverse nature of the threats.

She noted that individuals and small groups, often radicalized online, are influenced by a wide array of ideologies, ranging from foreign terrorism to domestic grievances.

“Oftentimes what we’re seeing in the most lethal form is from racially or ethnically-motivated ideologies,” Monaco added, indicating the multifaceted nature of the threat landscape.

The Strain on Law Enforcement

The Deputy Attorney General acknowledged the strain these threats have placed on U.S. law enforcement.

While many of the threats or tips have been resolved without incident, the volume has significantly stretched the resources of federal, state, and local agencies.

“These are threats, they’re hoaxes, they can involve claims of terrorist financing,” Monaco explained, highlighting the range and complexity of the situations being addressed.

Emotional Reactions and Global Impact

Monaco also discussed the global emotional reactions evoked by the “searing images” of Hamas’ terror attack on Israel, including accounts of extreme violence and kidnappings.

These events have not only shocked the world but have also driven a significant increase in threats and actual violence within the U.S.

“We’ve seen individuals who are taking, I think, twisted inspiration from those images,” Monaco remarked, emphasizing the link between international events and domestic security challenges.

Surge in Threats Against Political Figures

In a concerning trend, there has also been an increase in threats targeting political and government officials in the U.S.

Monaco cited recent cases against individuals accused of threatening a U.S. Supreme Court justice, FBI agents, and presidential candidates, illustrating the broad spectrum of threats currently being monitored.

With information from ABC News.

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