FDA Grants Permits for Sale of Lab-Grown Meat in the U.S.

The Food and Drug Administration provided the necessary permits to the two chicken producers in the country to sell lab-grown meat.

After some investigations, the FDA found that the food was fit for human consumption; however, regulators are working on how to label this type of product.

In addition, the FDA must inspect the facilities where meat is produced, so it could start being sold in supermarkets this year.

What is lab-grown meat?

This type of meat is produced from animal stem cells that are fed vitamins, fats and oxygen in bioreactors.

The entire process creates tissues similar to real meat, without having to slaughter animals, owing to the advancement of cell culture technology.

Food developers have also used cells obtained from poultry, pansies, cattle, and other animals to produce meat, according to an FDA report.

According to USDA research, approximately 34 billion kilograms of red meat and poultry are consumed annually in the United States.

Approximately 100 kg of red meat is consumed per person, which causes major health and environmental problems.

A subsidiary of the company, Eat Just, also conducted a pre-marketing review, according to a CNN report. Good Meat’s agency gave its positive review after seeing the safety of the lab-grown chicken.

In 2020, Good Meat began selling lab-grown chicken in Singapore, the first country to market the product.

Even President Biden took a bet on lab-grown meat and signed an executive order instructing the Department of Agriculture to support cultivation of alternative food sources.

The order reports that biotechnology and bio-manufacturing are alternatives that can be used to achieve climate and energy goals in the United States.

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