Florida Ice Cream Truck Driver Convicted of Murdering Two People and Injuring Six Others

An ice cream truck driver was found guilty of murdering two brothers and injuring six others in 2010.

Michael Keetley, 53, was convicted at trial on charges of murder and attempted murder after seeking revenge on the wrong house.

According to the prosecutors’ report, Keetley attempted to carry out revenge for an incident 11 months earlier, where he was beaten and shot in the hand and shoulder he was also victim of a robbery, caused him to become obsessed with revenge.

According to a Fox News report, the former ice cream man’s victims were identified as Juan Guitron and Sergio Guitron, both brothers.

During the trial, the defendant’s attorney questioned whether the wounds would have made it impossible for him to aim and fire a gun; therefore, a surgeon checked the wounds on Keetley’s shoulder and hand.

“Without the proper functioning of the radial nerve, would Mr. Keetley have any ability to extend the fingers of his right hand?” asked Keetley’s attorney.

Prosecutor Jennifer Johnson responded by using a water bottle to demonstrate that, while complicated, it is not impossible.

The jury heard testimony from Jacqueline Burguess, Keetley’s sister’s mother-in-law, who claimed she saw the defendant with her family at Thanksgiving dinner.

Burguess commented that she never saw Keetley able to use his right hand, so her mother had to cut off his food.

Despite Keetley’s defense efforts, the jury found him guilty, and he was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder of Gonzalo Guevara, Richard Cantu, Ramon Galan Jr. and Daniel Beltran, who were playing cards with the victims at the time.

With information from Fox News

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