Florida Moves Forward with Permit-Free Concealed Weapons Law

Law to allow concealed weapons to be carried without permits in Florida moves forward smoothly

The House of Representatives on Friday approved legislation to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons in public without license or training.

The bill was moved to a final vote in the Senate, and if passed, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis approved the next step.

However, proponents of the new legislation added that it will not end background checks for gun purchases or waiting times.

Although the new law has to go to the state senate to be enacted, the bill will also eliminate the need for concealed carry training.

Some politicians argue that the bill eliminates government involvement in the exercise of second-amendment rights.

However, some opponents of the bill, such as one of the ParkLand shooting survivors, David Hogg, commented that the bill was being pushed by politicians who agreed to tighten the gun carry in the wake of the 2018 shooting.

“Those legislatures are now rolling back those promises,” Hogg said. “They lied to those students – they’re breaking those promises and endangering the lives of our children in the state.” Hogg commented.

Likewise, State Representative Chuck Brannon commented that carrying guns is a constitutional right.

“People don’t have to carry a gun if they don’t want to, but this is a constitutional authority that people have, and they certainly shouldn’t have to pay for a piece of paper from the government to legally carry a weapon or firearm.” Brannon commented.

DeSantis has already commented that he will sign the bill if it passes the final vote in the Senate, while it is not the only gun carry bill being considered by lawmakers.

Another bill in the works prohibits banks from tracking transactions at gun stores.

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