Florida Woman Receives Nighttime Alert from Curious Bear

A Florida woman experienced a unique nighttime alert on her video doorbell, triggered by a bear intrigued with her front doorstep. The camera captured the animal bringing its face close to the lens in the middle of the night.

Elizabeth Martin, the resident, told FOX 35 that she’s aware of the family of bears that frequently roam her property at night, though this was the first time the animals set off the doorbell alert.

“We’re from Louisiana originally and all our family at home is like ‘I knew y’all had gators like we did, I didn’t know you had bears. I can’t believe there’s bears,'” Martin shared with the news station.

The footage shows the bear putting its paws up on the door and glancing from side to side before it hops down and continues sniffing around Martin’s yard. Another smaller bear can be spotted in the background.

Martin shared that when she first moved into her Lake County home, one of the bears managed to open an outdoor freezer.

“The mother bear dragged our deep freezer off of our porch and emptied it out in the yard like it’s big huge, heavy, I couldn’t even stand it up by myself, but [she] dragged it out and emptied all the contents out all over the yard,” she told the news station.

Since then, she said, the freezer was anchored to the ground and padlocked shut.

Previous Bear Encounters

In August, another woman in Daytona Beach was stunned to find a bear outside her door when she went to take her dog for a late-night walk.

“I thought there were just cats on the porch because there’s always just cats on the porch,” Gina Helsel told FOX 35. “So I’m like I’m going to take him and let him bark at the cats, and we can sleep the rest of the night. But I got a surprise. Yogi was out there.”

Helsel screamed and ran back inside with her dog, a moment that was also captured on her Ring doorbell camera.

“I’ve never been scared like that before,” Helsel added. “It was terrifying. All I can remember thinking was ‘I’m glad I’m half asleep because if I were wide awake, I’d probably be having a heart attack at this point.’”

These encounters highlight the quirky interaction between local residents and wildlife in Florida’s residential areas, where bears seem to feel comfortable enough to explore porches and yards of homes.

With information from Fox News

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