Israel Confirms 3 Killed in Rare West Bank Hospital Raid

In an unprecedented operation, undercover Israeli agents, some disguised as medical personnel, executed a targeted raid on a West Bank hospital, resulting in the death of three Palestinians.

The assault at Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin, the first of its kind in eight years, has ignited a fierce backlash from the Palestinian Authority and escalated tensions in the region.

The Raid: A Tactical Strike with Grave Consequences

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed the operation was to dismantle a “Hamas terrorist cell” allegedly plotting an imminent terror attack.

However, the incident, which left a stark scene of blood and chaos in the hospital, has been vehemently condemned by Palestinian officials, emphasizing the sanctity and protected status of healthcare facilities under international law.

A Nation’s Outcry and the International Aftermath

The aftermath of the raid witnessed poignant scenes in Jenin, as mourners paraded the bodies of the deceased, draped in Islamic Jihad flags, through the city streets.

The Palestinian Health Ministry has urgently called upon international bodies to intervene and halt what it terms a continuous sequence of violations by Israeli forces against Palestinian people and healthcare institutions.

“The minister of health calls urgently on the United Nations General Assembly, international institutions and human rights organizations to end the daily string of crimes committed by the occupation (Israel) against our people and health centers,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Controversial Undercover Operation

Security footage, pending verification, suggests the presence of armed individuals, posing as medical staff or civilians, maneuvering inside the hospital.

The IDF has labeled the deceased as affiliates of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, accusing them of direct involvement in terror activities.

The international community, including key Western nations, has taken cognizance of the situation, with the incident potentially influencing diplomatic and military relations in the volatile region.

This event marks a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict, with the West Bank becoming a frequent target of Israeli military operations.

With information from CBS News

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