Japan wins third World Baseball title, defeats US 3-2 in final

The Japanese national team won its third-world baseball title on Tuesday after defeating the United States 3-2 at Miami’s Loan Depot Park.

Kazuma Okamoto hit the homerun for the Japanese, who won their third World Classic trophy.

Hiroto Takahashi was another of the icons of the game, after working for a white episode, in which he struck out two batters and retired the fifth inning, the Japanese reliever stood out in almost the entire game and there were up to six pitchers who went up after Shota Imanaga’s work.

Japan did not have a completely perfect opening game either; in the second episode, a solo home run by Trea Turner gave the United States the lead.

However, Japan quickly responded thanks to a home run by Murakami, and then went on to score a third thanks to Okamoto, putting the score at 2-1.

Okamoto also had a moment to shine later, when he increased the score to 3-1.

The U.S. regained control of the game in the 8th inning when Kyle Schawarber gave the U.S. hope with a hit.

The Philadelphia player hit the ball into the stand and gave the American team a breath of hope.

However, Los Angeles Angels ace Shohei Ohtani came on in relief for the ninth inning, creating a professional career history by overpowering three American batters.

The most emotional part of the game was when the last batter to face Ohtani was Mike Trout, his Angels teammate, and the three-time MLB MVP, whom he struck out to give victory to the Japanese team.

Japan was crowned as the undefeated champion team of the World Baseball Championship after four wins in the group phrase and after beating Italy in the quarterfinals to overcome Mexico in an incredible game and face the United States in the final.

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