Justice Department sues Texas government over spike buoys in the Rio Grande

The Biden administration sued the administration of Republican Governor Greg Abbott in Texas and demanded the removal of spiked buoys that were placed in the Rio Grande.

The department began a legal battle after the governor responded negatively to a request from Biden’s cabinet, in which he assured that “they would be seen” in court.

Civil organizations also criticized the floating barrier at Eagle Pass because of the harm it could cause immigrants attempting to cross the border.

Abbott ordered the placement of a buoy barrier in conjunction with a wire fence to prevent immigrants from crossing Mexico.

The Mexican government sent a diplomatic note to the United States, noting that the barrier violated the Water Treaty between the two nations.

Likewise, the Biden administration assured that border crossings were at their lowest levels in the last two years since the new policy of restrictions that replaced Title 42.

Abbott had already been criticized for having an “anti-immigration discourse” in addition to the fact that in 2022 he began sending immigrants to Democratic states.

With information from EFE

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