King Charles III Diagnosed with Cancer, Starts Treatment

Britain’s King Charles III has begun treatment for cancer, Buckingham Palace revealed in a statement on Monday.

The diagnosis came as an unexpected development during the monarch’s recent treatment for an enlarged prostate, which itself was determined to be non-cancerous.

However, during this procedure, doctors discovered a separate issue, leading to further tests that confirmed the presence of cancer elsewhere in the body.

Continuing Royal Duties Amidst Treatment

The Palace announced that King Charles, aged 75, had been discharged a week ago and has since commenced a regular treatment schedule.

While his public-facing duties will be postponed, he intends to maintain his official business and office work as usual.

The statement emphasized the King’s optimistic outlook and his gratitude towards the medical team for their prompt intervention, attributing the timely detection of the issue to his recent hospital procedure.

A Transparent Approach to Health Concerns

In a move to curb speculation and foster public understanding, the King has chosen to be open about his diagnosis, echoing a sentiment of solidarity with others affected by cancer worldwide.

King Charles ascended to the throne last year after the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Until now, his health has been perceived as robust, with a minor non-cancerous growth removed from his face in 2008.

Royal Family Health and Responses

The news comes in the wake of other health concerns within the royal family. Kate, the Princess of Wales, recently underwent abdominal surgery at the same private clinic in London and is reportedly recovering well. Prince William is set to resume royal duties after supporting his wife through her surgery.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry, residing in the U.S. with his wife Meghan after stepping back from senior royal duties, has been in communication with his father and plans to visit the UK soon.

Reactions to the King’s diagnosis have extended beyond the royal family, with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and President Biden expressing their well-wishes and support.

The international community, represented by State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel, also conveyed their sympathies, underscoring the widespread concern for King Charles III’s health and well-being.

With information from CBS News

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