Los Angeles Holocaust Museum denounced a wave of anti-Semitic attacks after Kanye West’s statements

Los Angeles Holocaust Museum revealed on Wednesday that it is the victim of a wave of anti-Semitic messages after rapper Kanye West made hate speech about the Jewish community and rejected an offer of a private visit to this museum.

Despite his reprehensible comments on social networks on October 8, the general director of the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum, Beth Kean, offered West a private tour of the institution in the hope that he would change his opinion.  “We know that education is the greatest catalyst for change. When students and visitors come to the museum, if they enter as spectators, they leave as advocates. We know,” Kean said, according to CBS.

The American musician rejected the invitation in a podcast and since then, according to Kean, the museum’s social networks have been filled with anti-Semitic messages. “I think Kanye has more than twice the number of Twitter followers as Jews living in this world,” Kean said. “People like Kanye have a huge platform, he has over 30 million followers on Twitter, and they have to understand that he has to use his words to inspire and not to incite and not to perpetuate hate and lies and anti-Semitism. ”.

Kanye West has been in the eye of the storm for weeks because of his position. Defiant, faithful to his style, the rapper refuses to reconsider and cease with his sayings. And it is coincidentally this attitude that led him to lose important contracts with brands. Days ago, it became known that the luxurious Balenciaga ended her joint work, just weeks after West paraded at Paris Fashion Week with her clothes. Also, the agency in charge of representing him, CAA, distanced himself.

On Tuesday, Adidas immediately terminated a major contract, and thus West ended his time as a billionaire. The sportswear brand had tried to stay out of the matter, but an event that occurred over the weekend forced managers to take action on the matter. A group of white supremacists wrote on a billboard in the middle of the Los Angeles highway, “Kanye is right about the Jews.”

And, beyond the direct effects that the wave of racism is having on West, the rejection of the rapper is reaching the highest levels of Hollywood. The production company MRC decreed on Monday that it will not screen a documentary that was already recorded and ready to be presented. In other words, West is not only blocked from Twitter and Instagram, but he was also excluded from the screens.

West has acknowledged that he suffers from bipolar disorder, but institutions maintain that mental illness is no excuse for hate speech.

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