Manhunt for Serial Killer in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is currently in the midst of a manhunt for a serial killer suspected in a string of deaths targeting homeless individuals.

This alarming situation has escalated concerns among authorities and the public alike.

Three homeless individuals were fatally shot in separate incidents on the streets of Los Angeles. These shootings occurred during the early morning hours across different days.

The victims were attacked while alone, with one killed on a sidewalk, another on a couch in an alley, and the third near an exterior power outlet​​.

Suspect Description and Investigation

The Los Angeles Police Department, led by Police Chief Michel Moore, described the suspect as a lone male dressed in a hoodie and simple clothing.

With no known eyewitnesses to the murders, the investigation is still in its early stages. However, detectives believe the same individual is responsible for all three murders​​.

The motive behind these attacks remains unclear, but the common factor among the victims is their homeless status.

Authorities have urged individuals who are alone and homeless to seek shelter and avoid being isolated. Mayor Karen Bass emphasized the urgency of the situation, promising to hold the perpetrator accountable​​​​​​.

With information from Fox News.

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