Nancy Pelosi speaks for the first time after the attack against her husband

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, broke her silence after the attack on her husband, Paul, last Friday, saying that their children and grandchildren “are heartbroken and traumatized.”

These are the first comments made by the congresswoman since the news of the attack spread, and she did so through a letter to all members of the House of Representatives.

“Yesterday morning a violent man broke into our family home, demanded to confront me and viciously attacked my husband Paul,” she wrote. “Our children, our grandchildren and I are heartbroken and traumatized by the brutal attack on our Pop.”

Paul Pelosi, 82, was attacked in San Francisco when he was at the family home. The aggressor, identified as David Depape, 42, burst into the house shouting “Where is Nancy?”, although she was in Washington at the time.

“Know that the outpouring of prayers and warm wishes from so many in Congress is a comfort to our family and is helping Paul make progress in his recovery. His condition continues to improve,” the Democratic leader wrote.

The investigation is still open, but it is already known that the aggressor forced his entrance through the back door of the house and that the man had made extremist and conspiracy comments on a blog and on social networks on the internet.

When the agents arrived at the house, which had the door open, they found Paul Pelosi and Depape struggling in the entrance and both holding the same hammer. Outsiders were told to release him, at which point the assailant hit Pelosi “at least” once.

That’s when law enforcement “immediately” entered, seized his gun and took him into custody.

The husband of the president of the Lower House was taken to Zuckerberg General Hospital and successfully operated on for a skull fracture and various serious injuries to his right arm and hands.

“We are grateful for the quick response from law enforcement and emergency services, and for the life-saving medical care he is receiving,” Nancy Pelosi wrote in her letter.

The assailant is also in hospital, but no data on his medical condition has been released. His attack took place less than two weeks before the legislative elections on November 8, for which the entire House of Representatives and a third of the seats in the Senate will be renewed.

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