NASA reveals who will be the new astronauts of the Artemis II mission

NASA revealed on Monday that the next astronauts will participate in the Artemis II mission that will circle the Moon in November 2024.

According to NASA’s information, the next stage of the mission can provide further information for missions to Mars.

The crew will be composed of three NASA astronauts and one Canadian astronaut, who will carry out the flight test of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft, according to the press release.

Artemis II crew-astronauts will be

  • Commander Reid Wiseman of NASA.
  • Pilot Victor Glover of NASA.
  • Mission Specialist 1: Christina Hammock Koch of NASA.
  • Mission Specialist 2: Jeremy Hansen of the Canadian Space Agency.

The mission is planned to launch in November 2024 and will be the first time humans have traveled beyond low Earth orbit since Apollo 17 in 1972.

“This is humanity’s crew” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson declared at a presentation by the astronauts. “Together, we are ushering in a new era of exploration for a new generation of dreamers and stellar navigators: the Artemis Generation” They communicated.

The Artemis II mission will also be the first test of the Orion spacecraft that was built by Lockheed Martin, which completed an unmanned lunar flyby in December during Artemis I.

Artemis II will be the second spaceflight for NASA’s three astronauts and the first flight for Hansen of Canada, according to the release.

NASA plans a regular cadence of crewed Artemis missions to and around the Moon, beginning with Artemis III.

The ultimate objective is to establish a long-term presence on the moon to work toward a trip to Mars.

NASA also unveiled a new spacesuit for long-term use on the Moon, which is expected to be used in the next Artemis mission.

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