New poll puts Trump ahead of DeSantis among Florida Republicans

A new poll conducted by the Atlantic University, PolCom Lab, and Mainstreet Research showed that Trump is a favorite for the upcoming election.

According to the pollsters, Trump has a significant lead among voters, larger than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The data showed that Trump’s top voter group belonged to the working class, where he was the most popular.

While DeSantis made good gains after his re-election, the poll shows that he could struggle as the election nears.

In addition, in an election showdown, the data show that both Republicans could have a higher voter turnout than Joe Biden.

Trump gains advantage

According to poll data, Trump has more than 50% of the support of Florida Republican voters, giving him a commanding lead.

While Governor Ron DeSantis has 30% support, showing that the data is consistent with national polls, which also give Trump a lead in the presidential race.

However, while Trump maintained the lead, DeSantis could narrow the gap between the two Republicans, as the latest poll conducted in April showed that both candidates had lost voter support.

Other candidates

The survey also showed how other presidential candidates could appear on behalf of the Republican Party, such as Nikki Haley, Asa Hatchinson, Tim Scott, Mike Pence, vivek Ramaswamy and Chris Christie, although according to the data they only obtained single-digit support.

The data also showed that 19% of respondents expressed that they were disloyal to support a candidate other than Trump, while 68% did not share the same opinion.

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