NY Judge Lifts Gag Order on Trump

In a significant turn in the ongoing civil fraud trial, a New York judge has rescinded the gag order on former President Donald Trump.

The order, originally implemented by Judge Arthur Engoron in October, aimed to prevent derogatory statements about his court staff. Trump faced fines for previous violations of this order​​.

Appeals court Judge David Friedman cited free speech concerns as the basis for lifting the gag order. Friedman’s ruling questions the authority of gag orders outside criminal trials, where they primarily serve to prevent jury sway​​.

Trump Responds to Ruling

Trump took to Truth Social to express his views on the ruling. He criticized Judge Engoron, calling the gag order “ridiculous and unconstitutional.” Trump accused Engoron of political bias and reiterated his stance of innocence in the case​​​​.

The former president continued to assert his innocence, emphasizing that he did “nothing wrong.” He accused New York State Attorney General Letitia James of targeting him politically, a claim he has made repeatedly since the initiation of the lawsuit​​.

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