Ohio restaurant breaks world record for largest cheesesteak

The Steak Thyme Bar & Grill restaurant celebrated it’s first anniversary by breaking the world record of the largest cheesesteak to date.

The Ohio restaurant broke its record with a cheesesteak more than 650 feet long, in contrast to the previous record held by Rim Café in Philadelphia with a 510-foot steak.

“We plan to blow it out of the water with a massive 600-foot cheesesteak,” Steak Thyme Bar & Grill announced on its social media in the days leading up to the event, though they ended up crafting one that was 650.3 feet long.

The Miamisburg-based restaurant shut down the entire area and invited the community to share the moment the meal was prepared.

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Brothers Jordan and Jake Shteiwi, who owned the restaurant, expressed their pride after breaking the world record.

“First, we counted the bread, we counted the steak, we counted everything. There were two soccer fields. That’s 7,200 inches of cheesesteak” They said to

The restaurant’s employees gathered in the parking lot and started the preparation in the morning with 400 pounds of meat, 200 pounds of cheese, a layered provolone, and 650 pieces of 12-inch bread.

One of the owners of the place commented that they were not only doing it for the record, but for the community: “We want to make people happy and bring the community together with this legendary event” said Jordan Shteiwi.

As the community gathered to watch the cooks’ work, music was set up to enjoy a record-breaking moment.

“We want to take this opportunity to showcase our cheesesteaks and the teamwork of our entire staff expressed twin brothers Jordan and Jake Shteiwi to

The Shteiwi brothers planned to make the world’s largest steak at the restaurant’s grand opening; however, they rescheduled their preparation to celebrate the one-year anniversary.

Community members enjoyed games, face painting art for children, music, and raffles.

The twins owned Steak Thyme for 10 years, and in October 2005, the restaurant opened its doors to the public as a casual place that offered take-out food.

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