Pentagon Points Out China’s ‘Dangerous Moves’ in 2022

The Pentagon has raised an alert on an escalation in China’s tactics in the Indo-Pacific during this year, describing them as “more dangerous, coercive and provocative.”

In an annual report released this week on China’s military power, the United States Department of Defense emphasizes how the Asian nation has fortified its position as the “only competitor” to the US in the region, conducting “risky” intercepts against American aircraft.

China, in close collaboration with Russia under a no-limits partnership, aspires to emerge as a “great power” and reach “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” by 2049.

China Ramps Up Tactics in 2022, Pentagon Warns in New Report

The report highlights China’s intent to “revise the international order” in its favor, a goal that sees the United States as an obstacle due to its efforts to contain China’s rise.

The Pentagon details a series of “more dangerous” actions carried out by China in the Indo-Pacific. Between the fall of 2021 and the fall of 2023, more than 180 incidents of coercive and risky air intercepts by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) against US aircraft were documented.

Additionally, in the same period, the PLA also conducted around 100 incidents of coercive and risky operational behavior in the air domain against US allies and partners.

China is also in the process of strengthening its “strategic deterrent” through the modernization and expansion of its nuclear forces, and the development of capabilities in cyberspace, space, and counterspace.

The activity in the Taiwan Strait has also been a focus of concern, with “provocative and destabilizing actions” including ballistic missile overflights of Taiwan and large-scale simulated operations.

The report also addresses the collaboration between China and Russia, which the Pentagon sees as “integral” to China’s emergence as a great power.

However, it notes that Beijing has maintained a discreet approach concerning material support to Russia in its war against Ukraine.

Lastly, the Pentagon indicates that the People’s Liberation Army of China has “largely denied, cancelled, and ignored” the recurring bilateral military engagements between the US and China, and has turned down DOD communication requests at multiple levels.

Despite these challenges, the Department of Defense reaffirms its commitment to keeping communication lines open with China to ensure that competition does not turn into conflict, urging China to be more transparent about its military modernization program.

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