Pope Francis Diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis

Pope Francis has been diagnosed with a “very acute infectious bronchitis,” a condition he humorously acknowledged to an audience at the Vatican’s “Ethics in Health Management” seminar.

His diagnosis and ongoing treatment have been a point of concern, considering his history of medical issues.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The Pope’s condition was announced during a seminar, where he quipped about his survival. He noted that, thankfully, his condition was not pneumonia but confirmed he is still on antibiotics​​.

This illness led to the cancellation of his planned trip to the United Arab Emirates for the United Nations’ COP28 climate conference.

He attributed the cancellation to medical advice against traveling to a hot climate, which would involve transitions from heat to air conditioning​​.

Pope Francis has faced several health challenges over the years. He had part of one lung removed in his youth and suffers from sciatica nerve pain. Earlier this year, he was hospitalized for three days due to an acute case of bronchitis, treated with intravenous antibiotics​​.

With information from Fox News.

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