Pope Francis hospitalized for lung infection

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni reported that Pope Francis would be hospitalized for several days for medical treatment due to a lung infection.

Bruni reported that the pontiff experienced breathing problems in recent days, however, he ruled out the possibility that the Pope had contracted Covid-19.

According to the statement, the pope went to Gemelli University Hospital for some tests.

“The tests showed a respiratory infection (excluding Covid-19 infection) that will require a few days of medical therapy,” the spokesman reported.

Although the purpose of the medical tests is unclear, it should be mentioned that Francis had part of a lung removed when he was younger due to a respiratory infection.

Likewise, Francis was also hospitalized at Gemelli Hospital in 2021 after surgery for a narrowed bowel, where he had 13 inches of colon removed.

Francis would have to celebrate Palm Sunday over the weekend, which would kick off the Vatican’s Holy Week celebrations.

The Pope also had to use a wheelchair for more than a year due to ligament problems in his right knee, although he had said the injury was healing, and could now walk with a cane.

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