Pope Francis recovers from bronchitis and prepares to lead Easter Mass

Official Vatican sources have reported that Pope Francis had already recovered from the bronchitis that caused him to be hospitalized.

“The return of His Holiness to Casa Santa Marta (his residence) is scheduled for tomorrow, in light of the results of the latest checks carried out this morning,” announced Holy See spokesman Matteo Bruni.

The 86-year-old pope was taken to Rome’s Gemelli Hospital on Wednesday for a series of routine examinations.

Doctors reported that Francis was feeling better and had recovered satisfactorily from respiratory problems, so they authorized his discharge for Saturday.

Francis to attend Palm Sunday Mass

Although Pope Francis was able to recover, the Vatican was working on a program that would allow him to celebrate Easter, so it is possible that the rites at the altar would be carried out by cardinals, but led by Pope Francis.

For the Easter Sunday Mass, Matteo Bruni commented that, although the pope is expected to preside at the Mass, he is likely to be assisted by the vice dean of the College of Cardinals, Leonardo Sandri.

The Vatican has not confirmed Sunday’s plans and how Francis will lead the rest of the masses, or whether he will read the homilies or messages he delivers at the end of the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday in the Roman Colosseum.

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