Salvation Army and Camillus House prepare shelters due to cold weather in Florida

In the middle of a powerful cold wave affecting South Florida, the Salvation Army and Camillus House activated an emergency alert to assist those in need.

The emergency plan aims to help the homeless in shelters in Miami Dade and Broward.

“On average, a homeless person lives about 17 to 20 years less than any of us. The extreme cold of the street poses a risk to their health” said the president of Homeless Trust after activating the emergency plan.

Salvation Army and Camillus House activated some shelters on Northwest 38th Street and Seventh Avenue, according to a report from the managers, they have already received numerous people in need.

Broward County activated a two-day alert, while the Miami-Dade Emergency Department, in conjunction with the fire department, asked residents to take preventive measures.

Some of the advice they are recommending is: Stay indoors, keep warm, check that electric heaters are working properly. Currently, there is a limited number of space in the shelters and whoever wants to access one will have to contact the Homeless Trust.

With information from Telemundo51

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