Scientists find remains of the dragon of death

A few days ago, the news was released that scientists from the National University of Cuyo (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo), in Argentina, found fossil remains of the “dragon of death”, a well-known flying reptile that is considered the largest that has lived in South America.

Scientists say that it is the “Thanatosdrakon amaru” or “Amaru Deity“, a species that is estimated to be more than 86 million years old. The discovery was made during civil works in rocks from the Cretaceous Period.

Among the fossils found, vertebrae belonging to the axial skeleton of one specimen were found, in addition to other bones of the anterior and posterior limbs of the appendicular skeleton.

Scientists find remains of the dragon of death

The “dragon of death” belongs to the pterosaur family, and this unique group of animals represented the first vertebrates that acquired the ability to fly actively.

The head of the excavation, Dr. Leonardo Ortiz, clarified that this group is often confused with dinosaurs, but that they are actually flying reptiles, although they are very closely related to dinosaurs.

After years of research, the team of scientists prolonged that due to the peculiar characteristics of the fossils found, it is a new species of pterosaur, which until now is considered the largest that suffered in South America and one of the largest in the world.

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The size of the bones of this reptile shows that it is a giant specimen, given that the largest has a wingspan of approximately nine meters and the smallest specimen is seven meters in size.

Dr. Ortiz highlighted that one of the most relevant aspects of the find is the state of conservation of the fossil remains, and explained that it is unusual to find numerous large pterosaur bones in good condition. He also added that the ‘Thanatosdrakon‘ retains elements never before discovered in other giant azhdarchids.

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