Strong explosions are recorded in several parts of Kherson, in southern Ukraine

There are multiple reports of strong explosions in the Nova Kakhovka area of the southern Kherson region of Ukraine.

The city, occupied by Russian forces, is strategically located on the Dnipro River, with a bridge that has been repeatedly attacked by Ukrainian forces.

In recent weeks, ammunition depots in the area have also been attacked.

In the local social networks there is talk of air raids and a large fire in the vicinity of a furniture factory.

New explosions have also been reported near the main Antonivskiy bridge that crosses the Dnipro south of the city of Kherson, as well as explosions in the nearby Oleshkiy area.

Neither side has made official comments on these reports.

The reports come days after Ukraine announced a new offensive in the south aimed at dislodging Russian forces in Kherson.

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