Super Bowl Score Extremes: Records Through the Years

As the 2024 Super Bowl unfolds with the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs currently at a modest 10-3 score coming out of halftime, history reminds us of the games that have set the benchmarks for highest and lowest scores in NFL’s grand finale.

This article revisits those historic highs and lows, providing context as we watch today’s score unfold.

Historic Highs: The Score Fests

Super Bowl XXIX in 1995 still holds the record for the highest-scoring game, where the 49ers clinched a victory over the San Diego Chargers with a staggering 75 points on the board. This game exemplifies the offensive prowess that can dominate the Super Bowl, showcasing the potential for high-scoring showdowns.

Following closely, Super Bowl LII in 2018 saw the Philadelphia Eagles earn their first-ever Super Bowl win against the New England Patriots, amassing a total of 74 points. The Eagles’ subsequent return in 2023 against the Chiefs, which resulted in a total of 73 points, underscores the thrilling offensive capabilities that these teams bring to the NFL’s biggest stage.

The Defensive Battles: Low-Scoring Games

On the other end of the spectrum, Super Bowl LIII in 2019 marked the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history, a defensive battle where the Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams combined for just 16 points. This game highlighted the strategic defensive plays that can define a Super Bowl as much as the offensive fireworks.

The record before this was set in 1973 at Super Bowl VII, with a total of 21 points scored as the Miami Dolphins secured a win over Washington. Additionally, Super Bowl IX in 1975 further showcased defensive prowess, with the Pittsburgh Steelers overcoming the Minnesota Vikings with just 22 points on the scoreboard.

As today’s game progresses with a relatively low score so far, it beckons comparisons with past Super Bowls. Whether it will break into the record books for its scoring outcome remains to be seen.

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