Texas Judge Overturns Nationwide Approval of Abortion Pill

Federal Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk issued a ruling Friday that overturned nationwide approval of the abortion pill.

Kacsmaryk ordered that the approval of mifespristone, which was approved in 2000 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), be rescinded.

However, the ruling gives ongoing government representatives a period of at least one week to appeal the decision.

According to the court text, Judge Kacsmaryk stated that the FDA violated procedures when it gave drug approval without considering the negative impacts of mifepristone on people’s health.

“The FDA completely failed to consider an important aspect of the problem by omitting any evaluation of the psychological effects of the drug or an assessment of the long-term medical consequences of the drug.” Judge Kacsmaryk wrote the manuscript.

The FDA approved two abortion drugs in 2000, mifespristone and misoprostol, both of which are known as “the abortion pills” or medical abortions.

Vice President Kamala Harris, a longtime supporter of reproductive rights legislation, said the decision sets a “dangerous precedent.”

“It is contrary to good public policy to allow courts and politicians to tell the FDA what to do,” Harris told reporters in Tennessee.

Planned Parenthood issued a statement rejecting the ruling and declaring it a deeply damaging move.

“Today’s decision by the judge in Texas to block FDA approval of mifepristone is an outrage and reveals how the judicial system is being used as a weapon to further restrict abortion nationwide,” the organization’s president said in a statement.

In contrast, the Alliance-Defending Freedom celebrated the move as a major victory, and the organization sued, which prompted the ruling.

“By illegally approving dangerous abortion drugs, the FDA put women and girls at risk, and it is time to hold the agency accountable for its reckless actions,” the organization stressed in a statement.

The use of abortion pills increased after the nation’s highest court overturned Roe v. Wade, which protected access to abortion, according to data from the Guttmacher Institute.

According to the report, medicated abortions will account for 54% of all abortions nationwide in 2022.

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