Texas’ New Immigration Law Faces Legal Challenge

Civil rights organizations, led by the ACLU, have mounted a legal challenge against Texas’ Senate Bill 4 (SB4), a new law granting police the power to arrest migrants crossing the border illegally and enabling judges to mandate their departure from the U.S.

Governor Greg Abbott’s signing of SB4 represents a significant escalation in state-level authority over immigration matters.

Expanding State Authority in Immigration

The law permits Texas law enforcement to arrest individuals suspected of illegal entry into the country.

Those arrested face a choice: comply with a Texas judge’s order to leave the U.S. or be prosecuted on misdemeanor charges, with the risk of felony charges for non-compliance.

This measure draws parallels with Arizona’s 2010 immigration law, infamously known as the “Show Me Your Papers” bill.

Much of that law was invalidated by the U.S. Supreme Court, highlighting the contentious nature of state-level immigration enforcement efforts.

The White House’s Response and Texas’ Stance

A White House spokesperson criticized SB4, stating it would make Texas communities less safe.

Meanwhile, Texas Republicans argue the Biden administration is not adequately controlling the U.S.-Mexico border, citing record migrant encounters and the state’s initiatives like busing migrants to various U.S. cities and installing razor wire along the Rio Grande.

The debate over border resources continues, with fiscal year 2023 breaking migrant encounter records. However, funding for border enforcement is at a standstill, as Republicans push for restrictions on asylum and parole use, facing resistance from some Democrats.

With information from Fox News

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