The Miami Beach smoking ban will take effect on January 1

The rules of the city of Miami Beach, Florida, are different for new years. You may apply specific filters to your vacation pictures, but you cannot remove filters from cigarettes on the beach in 2023.

“For decades, Miami Beach has wanted to prohibit smoking on the beach, and finally this year, the state legislature and the governor has given local governments, like Miami Beach, the authority. No more cigarette butts on our sands,” said Alex Fernandez, a Miami Beach Commissioner.

Fernandez notes that cigarettes are the most common litter found at the beach, and even clean-up crews frequently discover hundreds of them in the sand.

“It ends up in the stomachs of our wildlife, so not only does this new law help protect our environment, but also helps protect our wildlife and our own health,” said Fernandez.

Yana Kogin, who has visited Miami Beach frequently, agrees with tourists who say that should have more options for smokers.

“I don’t think that’s right. I mean, we live in a free country, and we should do whatever we want to do. I think there should be someplace, somewhere on the beach that should allow smoking,” said Kogin.

It’s not only Kogin who feels that way.

“I feel like they should at least have smoking areas or designated areas where people can smoke because it’s vacation, it’s leisure,” said Marcus Smith.

Smoking ban goes into effect

Other guests informed that they welcome the new smoking ban and believe the beach will benefit from it.

“I think it’s healthy, so it’s good to not smoke,” said Geuleo Cineserelli.

“You see a lot of smoke butts and a lot of cigarettes all over the sand, it’s not pleasant to see it, it’s not fun to go around it and generally there’s a dirty vibe. And if you are clean from that, in the beach then it generally gives a clean environment, and it says something about the city and municipality too, that they’re trying to take care of the city and this is just one step of it,” said Eli Razimorapter.

Starting Sunday, January 1st, anyone smoking or using tobacco products on Miami’s beaches will receive a $100 fine for the first offense, a $200 fine for a second offense, and the possibility of jail time after a third offense.

With information from CBS News

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