The United States insists on the extradition of Edward Snowden despite being granted Russian citizenship

The United States government emphasized that Edward Snowden, a former CIA analyst, must be extradited and brought to justice in the United States despite the fact that President Vladimir Putin granted him Russian citizenship.

Through a press conference, State Department spokesman Ned Price insisted at a press conference that Snowden should be prosecuted like any American.

“Our position has not changed. Mr. Snowden should return to the United States, where he has to face justice as any other American citizen would,” Price said.

The official added that he is not aware that Snowden has relinquished his US passport, and hinted that after acquiring Russian citizenship, the former analyst “could be drafted” to fight in the Ukraine war as part of the reservist mobilization.

In the afternoon, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday granted Russian citizenship to Snowden, 39, a political refugee in Russia since 2013.

Snowden’s name, a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst, came to light when he fled the US that year, where he was accused of violating espionage law after revealing details of US intelligence programs.

He has also written books and currently works as a consultant and offers worldwide videoconferences on information technologies, teaching their risks and threats.

Snowden, who applied for citizenship on November 2, 2020, has not commented on the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began last February. Anatoli Kucherena, Snowden’s lawyer, denied on Monday that the former analyst is being called up in the context of the controversial mobilization that has caused demonstrations in different cities of Russia.

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