Tornado from Storm Idalia Tosses Pregnant Woman’s Vehicle onto Another Car

In South Carolina, a five-month pregnant woman and her unborn baby miraculously survived a tornado triggered by storm Idalia. The twister lifted and flipped the car she was driving.

The incident took place on Wednesday afternoon, shortly after Idalia made landfall in northwest Florida, classified as a category 3 hurricane.

According to a report by Count on News 2, Malaijah Smoke was on her way home from work when a tornado lifted her vehicle and threw it against another car on US 52 highway towards Goose Creek.

At that moment, the outer rainbands associated with the storm were affecting Lowcountry, leading to multiple tornado warnings throughout the afternoon.

Pregnant Woman Miraculously Survive After Tornado Flips Car in South Carolina

“I saw a lot of leaves falling. I noticed the winds starting, but nothing too severe. Everything became blurry all of a sudden, and the next thing I knew, my car was in the air, and I was hanging by my seatbelt,” Smoke shared.

Witnesses driving in the area captured the event on video, and the footage quickly went viral on social media.

Smoke sustained minor injuries and was treated at a nearby hospital. “I had a shard of glass in my nose, which I didn’t realize until I got to the hospital. I feel pain where the seatbelt was… and some pain from my chest down to my lower abdomen. No bruises, just pain,” she described.

Currently, she feels pain in her arm, lower back, and has a cut on her hand. Examinations conducted on the baby indicated that it is in good health.

The driver of the other vehicle, which was hit by Smoke’s car, also sustained minor injuries.

Smoke managed to exit her vehicle through a window broken by the tornado. A man stopped to assist her, lifting her off the ground and staying with her until emergency services arrived. Two other women also stopped to help.

The National Weather Service in Charleston confirmed that an EF0 tornado (the weakest on the Fujita scale) moved through the area around 12:22 p.m. The tornado had winds of 75 mph and traveled approximately 50 yards.

“You can be gone tomorrow. Be here today and gone tomorrow. Don’t take that saying lightly,” the woman advised the community after the shocking event.

With information from Count on News 2

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