Tornado Warning Issued for Miami-Dade Amid Severe Storms

South Florida braces for severe weather as a Tornado Warning is in effect for Miami-Dade until 11:30 am, with conditions expected to worsen around noon.

The region, including Broward County and the Keys, remains under a Tornado Watch until 2 pm, as storm systems intensify and move southward.

Meteorological models, despite slight variations in timing, unanimously predict the storm’s peak between 10 am and 4 pm, with Broward County likely to experience the initial impact. The area anticipates a brief respite by evening, with the dry spell forecasted to precede another round of rainfall on Monday.

Risk Assessment and Precautions

While severe storms are anticipated across the viewing area, the risk profile varies, with northern regions above Fort Lauderdale facing comparatively lower chances of extreme weather.

The entire region, however, remains on high alert for damaging winds, lightning, and downpours during the storm’s passage.

The risk of hail is negligible, but the possibility of tornadoes, although relatively low, cannot be dismissed, warranting heightened vigilance and preparedness throughout South Florida.

Residents are urged to stay informed, follow safety guidelines, and be prepared for rapid weather changes as the storm system progresses.

With information from NBC Miami

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