Tornadoes, hail and high winds threaten areas of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama

The Storm Prediction Center (CPT) of the US Weather Service said that a strong storm threatens areas of central and northern Mississippi, northern Alabama, northeast Louisiana, southeast Arkansas and southern Tennessee.

Among the dangers brought by the storm, the CPT listed “several tornadoes, some intense; large, scattered hailstones the size of a baseball; and isolated winds with the potential to cause damage.” They say they will begin to be felt this afternoon and into tonight in parts of the lower to mid-Mississippi Valley. “It is possible that there will be some strong tornadoes,” they specify.

The specialized page AccuWeather estimates that this storm system could affect 40 million people in the central and southern United States this Tuesday alone. “People should take these dangers seriously,” warned the web’s chief meteorologist, Bernie Rayno, agreeing with the CPT that strong tornadoes could be felt this Tuesday night.

The website ensures that the system’s winds (which they estimate will be between 60 and 70 miles per hour) could knock down trees and power lines, as well as cause damage to structures. And it is the rotation of the winds that increases the risk of tornadoes forming in parts of Louisiana, Arkansas and especially in Mississippi, they explain.

Due to the risk of high winds and the size of the hail that is expected, the authorities of Mississippi are recommending that the inhabitants of the central west of Mississippi take refuge in safe structures this Tuesday.

The SPC has explained that the low pressure system has produced heavy snowfall in the northern Rocky Mountains and is expected to reorganize itself in the Central Plains on Tuesday and meet a strip of warm and humid air from the Gulf of Mexico to make his way to the southeast.

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