Tropical Storm Threat Looms Off South Florida Coast

What is anticipated to become Tropical Storm Ophelia was spotted just off the South Florida coast this past Thursday.

Initially identified as a non-tropical low-pressure area, it’s forecasted to transition into Tropical Storm Ophelia as it moves northward today.

This storm is set to impact the Mid-Atlantic coast over the weekend and into early next week before heading out to sea.

Impending Storm Ophelia Approaches South Florida

The National Hurricane Center has categorized this system as a potential storm, allowing for the issuance of tropical advisories even though it hasn’t yet taken on tropical characteristics. By the time it does, it’s expected to be very close to or directly over the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Tropical storm conditions are anticipated to develop over the weekend. In addition to wind and rain, storm surge will pose challenges with a rise of 2 to 4 feet expected in the Outer Banks.

The heavy rainfall will then shift northward, affecting New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and parts of New York. These downpours could lead to flooding, accompanied by potentially damaging wind gusts.

In South Florida, winds are predicted to shift to the north-northeast as the storm moves into North Carolina.

This shift might introduce drier air into the region, decreasing rain chances and slightly lowering overnight temperatures. Along the coast, an uptick in wave and surf intensity is likely. An elevated rip current risk is also forecasted to persist through the weekend.

With information from CBS News

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