Trump Claims Sole Ability to Protect Israel Amid Conflict

Former United States President Donald Trump asserted being the only leader capable of ensuring Israel’s protection amidst the ongoing strife with Hamas, the militant group controlling the Gaza Strip.

In a video posted on Truth Social late Friday, Trump emphasized: “I kept Israel safe, remember that. I kept Israel safe,” adding “Nobody else will, nobody else can, and I know all the players.”

According to Trump, other leaders lack the ability to secure Israel’s safety as he did during his tenure. He assured: “They can’t do it. But I kept Israel safe and I will keep Israel safe. Thank you very much.”

In another video, the former president blamed current President Joe Biden for the conflict escalation, arguing that Biden’s “total ineptitude, weakness and incompetence has led to this horrible attack on Israel, and it will only get worse. It’s only going to get worse,” Trump pointed out.

These remarks come after Trump faced backlash earlier in the week for criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. However, the former president seemingly changed his stance the following day, praising the Israeli military for its “skill and determination” in the war.

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Identified as the main Republican contender for the 2024 elections, Trump also claimed that the conflict wouldn’t have escalated under his leadership. In an interview with Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade, Trump stressed the need to protect Israel and questioned Netanyahu’s preparedness for the crisis, stating: “He was not prepared. He was not prepared, and Israel was not prepared. And under Trump, they wouldn’t have had to be prepared.”

Declaration of War on Hamas

Israel declared war on Hamas following a surprise attack by the militant group nearly a week ago. On Friday, Israel instructed 1 million people in Gaza City and southward to evacuate their homes ahead of a potential ground operation.

So far, the airstrikes have resulted in over 2,800 individuals deceased on both sides of the conflict. Additionally, around 150 individuals have been taken into Gaza as hostages by militants. Israel has halted the supply of food, water, and power to the region until the hostages are released.

Experts suggest that Trump’s comments aim to underline the differences in foreign policy management between his administration and Biden’s, at a time when the conflict in the Middle East intensifies, raising questions on how the United States will continue interacting with its traditional allies in the region.

With information from The Hill 

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