Trump Defamation Trial Postponed Amid Juror Illness

The defamation trial involving former President Donald Trump and writer E. Jean Carroll faced an unexpected delay due to the illness of a juror, affecting the anticipated timeline of the proceedings, including Trump’s testimony.

The trial’s progression was hindered when a juror fell ill on the way to court, leading to a postponement. Adding to the health concerns, Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, revealed she was also feeling unwell and had been exposed to COVID-19, though she tested negative that morning.

Despite the health scare, Trump was present in the courtroom, positioned between Habba and another attorney, Michael Madaio, who was also potentially exposed.

High Stakes and Allegations

The lawsuit centers around Carroll’s allegations of sexual assault against Trump in the 1990s, with defamation claims linked to Trump’s vehement denials of the incident, including public statements where he disavowed knowing Carroll.

The ongoing case follows a previous judgment where Carroll was awarded $5 million for defamation and sexual abuse, establishing the gravity of the current proceedings.

Judicial Proceedings and Public Scrutiny

As the court adjourns temporarily, the focus remains on the jury’s forthcoming decision regarding the damages Trump might be obligated to pay, against the backdrop of a previous judicial determination that Trump’s 2019 comments were defamatory.

Amidst Trump’s persistent denials and public commentary, Carroll’s legal team is advocating for a verdict that decisively addresses the alleged defamation and its impact on Carroll’s reputation.

With information from CBS News

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