Upcoming Winter Time Adjustment in the U.S.

The United States is gearing up for one of its two annual clock adjustments: the shift to winter time. This tradition, which takes place in spring and fall, is about to mark the onset of the year’s third season.

Although the Sunlight Protection Act was introduced, which could eliminate these time changes, it has yet to be approved. Thus, the usual standard remains in place.

The switch to winter time in 2023 will occur on Sunday, November 5th. On that day, at 2 a.m., clocks should be set back one hour, instantly becoming 1 a.m. This adjustment means that days will be shorter, with fewer hours of natural light.

Winter Time Change 2023 in the U.S.

While many electronic devices adjust the time automatically, it’s essential to check those requiring a manual change. It’s suggested to make these adjustments on the preceding Saturday night to avoid surprises.

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The origin of these time changes dates back to World War I and II times. They were implemented to conserve energy during the battles. In the United States, the official law to preserve daylight was enacted on March 19, 1918, establishing time zones and summer and winter times.

However, after the wars, the law was only maintained in certain states, causing confusion. In 1966, the Uniform Time Act was enacted nationwide, setting clear rules for these shifts.

Unless there are changes, winter time will last until March 10, 2024, when the summer is expected to begin.

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