US Bishops: Church’s Marriage Teaching Unchanged

The Vatican’s recent declaration “Fiducia Supplicans,” allowing blessings for same-sex couples, has elicited varied responses from Catholic leaders and laity worldwide.

U.S. bishops emphasize that the document distinguishes between sacramental and pastoral blessings and does not alter the Church’s teaching on marriage.

Bishop Andrew Cozzens and Cardinal Blase Cupich underscored the document’s pastoral approach, focusing on the Church’s role in offering God’s grace to those seeking to live better lives​​.

Global Perspectives and Concerns

Internationally, the German Bishops’ Conference, known for advocating changes in Catholic teachings, reacted to the document, with some critics arguing it doesn’t go far enough in accepting LGBTQ+ individuals.

Gregor Podschun of the Federation of German Catholic Youth criticized the document for maintaining discriminatory attitudes​​​​.

“Fiducia Supplicans” represents a significant, yet cautious, step in the Catholic Church’s engagement with LGBTQ+ issues, balancing traditional teachings with pastoral care. Its reception continues to be a topic of intense debate within the global Catholic community.

With information from Fox News

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