US Retaliates Against Iranian-Backed Militias in Iraq

The United States military conducted targeted strikes against facilities used by Iranian-backed militias in Iraq, marking a significant move in response to the recent wave of attacks on American and coalition forces.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin announced the operation, emphasizing that the strikes were necessary and proportionate, aimed at the Kataib Hezbollah militia group and other Iran-affiliated groups.

“These precision strikes are in direct response to a series of escalatory attacks against U.S. and coalition personnel in Iraq and Syria by Iranian-sponsored militias.” Austin’s statement said.

These precision strikes were a direct retaliation for a series of escalatory attacks, targeting militia headquarters, storage, and training locations for rocket, missile, and UAV capabilities.

Response to Escalated Tensions and Attacks

The decision to carry out these strikes came after a “larger-scale” attack on the Al Asad air base in western Iraq, involving multiple ballistic missiles and rockets.

Despite most projectiles being intercepted by air defenses, the attack resulted in structural damage and injuries among U.S. and Iraqi forces, highlighting the growing threats in the region.

Ongoing Conflict and US Position

The recent upsurge in attacks and the U.S. response occur amidst broader regional tensions, coinciding with conflicts such as the war between Hamas and Israel.

The Pentagon asserts that the conflict remains confined to Gaza, but the attacks on U.S. forces and commercial shipping underscore the volatile situation in the Middle East.

Secretary Austin’s statement reaffirms the U.S. commitment to defending its personnel and interests while calling for an immediate cessation of these attacks by the militias and their Iranian sponsors.

“We are fully prepared to take further measures to protect our people and our facilities. We call on these groups and their Iranian sponsors to immediately cease these attacks.”

With information from CBS News

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