Woman Rescued After Harrowing 15-Hour Ordeal in Floodwaters

A harrowing 15-hour ordeal ended in relief as a California woman, stranded atop her overturned car amidst rushing floodwaters, was rescued by emergency services.

The incident unfolded on a remote, flooded road in Livermore, where the woman attempted to cross the water at around 7:30 p.m. on Monday.

Misjudging the depth, her car was swiftly carried away by the strong current, leaving her to battle the cold waters and seek refuge on top of the overturned vehicle. Isolated without her cell phone, her situation grew increasingly dire.

“During that time that her vehicle overturned in the water, she lost phone and all other important items not to mention it was a bad coverage area anyway,” Battalion Chief Kent Carlin said.

Timely Intervention and Rescue

Her plight continued unnoticed until the following morning when a camper spotted her and alerted authorities.

The Alameda County Fire Department, assessing the severity of the situation, initially planned a ladder rescue.

However, the California Highway Patrol intervened, deploying a helicopter to airlift the woman to safety, a moment captured in dramatic video footage.

Aftermath and Reflections

Despite the overnight exposure to cold temperatures and rapid waters, the woman remarkably sustained no injuries. She was transported to a hospital for evaluation, marking the end of a nightmarish ordeal. Battalion Chief Kent Carlin, reflecting on the rescue, highlighted the perilous conditions and the woman’s fortunate survival.

“You could tell from her condition that she was cold, her hands were discolored, she had been there overnight,” Carlin told the station.

In light of this incident, officials are urging caution and vigilance when navigating flooded areas, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of such terrains.

With information from Fox News

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