Apple Introduces Security Feature for Stolen iPhones

Apple is rolling out a new security setting, ‘Stolen Device Protection,’ to combat the increasing issue of iPhone thefts and unauthorized account access.

This update comes in response to a spate of thefts where criminals exploited iPhone passcodes to hijack victims’ accounts. Apple’s move aims to fortify user accounts against such breaches.

The new feature restricts certain settings when the iPhone is away from familiar locations like home or work. Crucially, changing the Apple ID password or security settings will require two biometric scans an hour apart.

How Stolen Device Protection Works

The passcode alone will no longer grant access to iCloud Keychain, which stores sensitive passwords.

Despite this protection, a stolen iPhone can still be unlocked using the passcode, leaving unprotected apps and accounts accessible.

Apple Pay can also be operated with a passcode. Apple suggests using Face ID or Touch ID, creating a complex alphanumeric passcode, and adding additional PINs to sensitive apps for enhanced security.

Apple advises users to be vigilant about their passcode security, act quickly to remotely wipe their device in case of theft, and regularly back up their phone data. The new feature, to be included in an upcoming software update, will be available under Face ID & Passcode settings.

With information from Fox News.

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