Apple’s iOS 17: Should You Update Now?

On Monday, Apple rolled out its latest software update, introducing a plethora of new features for Apple enthusiasts, including changes to voicemail, FaceTime, and more. However, for some iPhone users, deciding whether to install this update might not be straightforward.

Despite the excitement around FaceTime messages, live voicemail transcription, and StandBy Mode, there are a few reasons one might hesitate to upgrade immediately.

One primary concern is storage. If you’re running low on device storage, remember that the download will consume several gigabytes.

Apple’s Software Update: New Features and Potential Downsides

Following a major software release, Apple often releases subsequent updates (like iOS 15.0.1, iOS 15.0.2, etc.) that frequently contain bug or security patches. For that reason, some might choose not to immediately update to iOS 17 on its release day.

According to CNET, the update might cause your battery to drain faster than usual, possibly because your device is working in the background to index your files, ensuring the new iOS 17 features function correctly. The tech website notes that it’s not uncommon for the battery to take a hit during the first few days post-update.

Another potential issue is that some app developers might not have released iOS 17-compatible updates yet, causing those apps to drain your battery more rapidly.

For those with older iPhone models, it’s also worth noting that some features won’t be available with the update. Were you excited about handing off FaceTime calls to your TV using Apple TV? You’ll need at least an iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or a newer model.

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Other features promoted on Apple’s website, like the Journal app, aren’t currently available but will be in a future update.

And if your phone is too dated, the iOS 17 update won’t even be an option, as those devices are no longer supported.

While some may have reasons to delay or even decline the iOS 17 update, for most, it’s probably a wise move. Along with a long list of features, including AirDrop for contacts, live voicemail transcribing, StandBy mode that transforms your phone into a smart bedside clock, and a revamped interaction with Siri, iOS 17 also offers the latest security protections.

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