Fixing Facebook’s Chirping Glitch: A Quick Guide

Meta addresses an unexpected technical glitch causing a chirping sound to emanate from the Facebook app while users scroll through their feed.

This issue, confirmed by Meta’s communications director Andy Stone, has sparked a mixture of curiosity and frustration among the platform’s vast user base.

Stone’s announcement came after initial speculation that the sound was an intentional new feature aimed at enhancing user interaction. However, the company swiftly clarified that the noise was indeed unintended, stemming from a technical error Meta is urgently working to resolve.

User Reactions and Solutions

The chirping sound has not been universally welcomed, with some users expressing discomfort due to sensory issues.

For those seeking to silence the unexpected soundtrack, Meta has provided a straightforward method to disable in-app sounds, including the chirping noise.

Step-by-Step Sound Disabling

To turn off the chirping and other in-app sounds:

  1. Open the Facebook app and navigate to the Menu page by tapping the bottom right button.
  2. Select the Settings option under the Settings and Privacy section.
  3. Click on the Media button within the Preferences page.
  4. Finally, toggle the In-App Sound button to off, effectively muting the chirping alongside other sound effects like those for Likes, Comments, and Shares.

This quick fix ensures a quieter browsing experience for users affected by the glitch, as Meta works on a permanent solution to the issue.

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