Nationwide Cell Service Outages Affect Thousands

Early Thursday morning, customers across the U.S. experienced significant cell service outages, with AT&T users reporting the highest number of disruptions.

According to, a site that monitors service outage reports, the issues began around 4 a.m. EST and saw fluctuations in the number of affected users, peaking at over 60,000 reports by 7:30 a.m. EST.

Other major carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, UScellular, and Consumer Cellular also faced reported service issues, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Impact on Emergency Services

The outages had a tangible impact on public safety, with several municipalities reporting difficulties in accessing 911 emergency services.

The San Francisco Fire Department urged AT&T customers facing issues with calling 911 to use a landline or seek help from those with different carriers.

Similarly, in North Carolina and Florida, authorities reported brief disruptions to 911 services but assured the public that normal service had resumed or advised texting 911 in emergencies.

Carriers Respond to Outages

AT&T acknowledged the service interruptions, stating they were working urgently to restore service and recommended the use of Wi-Fi calling as a temporary solution.

“We are working urgently to restore service to them,” the statement said. “We encourage the use of wi-fi calling until service is restored.”

Meanwhile, Verizon and T-Mobile reported their networks were operating normally, with Verizon noting some issues when their customers tried to communicate with those on other networks.

Localized Effects and Resolutions

The service outages were particularly noticeable in major cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, and Dallas, among others.

By the morning, efforts to restore service were underway, with carriers actively addressing the disruption.

The situation also affected the SEPTA transit system in Philadelphia, though it was reported that trains were operating on or close to schedule despite communication challenges.

With information from CBS News

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