T-Mobile launches low-cost high speed home internet

The company T-Mobile launches low-cost high speed home internet that offers families the fastest and cheapest broadband service that exists in the market, which has made it acquire the largest number of customers of any other company in the country.

“Before the Internet was limited to those places where a cable could reach, today we are offering a service with an ultra-capacity 5G telephone network at a speed of 140 megabits per second, faster than the average offered by other providers, which is of 85 megabits per second”, said Jorge Martel, vice president of T-Mobile, in an interview with this medium.

Best of all, he said, the monthly payment is a fixed price of $50, and if they add it to an existing plan, the consumer can only pay $30 a month.

T-Mobile launches low-cost high speed home internet

“Vendors always love to justify price increases, but we’re not only offering the $50 flat price for households but small businesses as well.”

This, he said, makes T-Mobile the first and only nationwide business internet provider with 5G fixed mobile internet. “No other 5G or landline provider can connect businesses nationwide.”

He mentioned that they are aware that many Internet service providers subject their clients to leonine contracts, from which it is very difficult to escape.

The concrete proposal is to terminate the provider and T-Mobile will cover the cost. “When customers are ready to switch, they can terminate their contract and disassociate themselves from their Internet provider, at no cost, because T-Mobile covers all early termination fees up to $500.

And regarding the installation of the Internet, he said that it is extremely simple, because it does not require a technician to come to the house. “The router is connected to the electrical current and an application is downloaded; and this is all they need to get it up and running.”

All they have to do is call T-Mobile, and see if the area they live in qualifies. “If so, the router can be mailed; or they can also pick it up directly at a T-Mobile store. Our plans are to keep adding more areas.”

More subscribers

A year after launching Freedom of the Internet, Martell said they have grown by close to a million subscribers and have reached 500 million households.

He emphasized that T-Mobile offers the opportunity to try this service, free of charge; And if they don’t like it, they can return it.

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“Give yourself a break from your Internet provider with the Test Drive test. Customers can try home Internet service for 15 days, worry-free”.


Martel explained that the pandemic taught us the importance of having a broader and faster broadband speed internet.

Martel said Freedom of the Internet makes it easy for broadband customers to break up with the big providers, lock in their prices with incredible savings, and most of all, feel valued.

“Internet providers are famous for luring customers in with low promotional prices, then raising them after the first year or two.”

On average, vendors raise prices by more than 30% after the promotional period ends.

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