Tesla Issues Major Recall for 2.2 Million U.S. Vehicles

Tesla is making headlines with a massive recall affecting nearly 2.2 million vehicles, nearly encompassing its entire sales in the U.S.

The recall stems from a seemingly minor issue with too-small font sizes on the instrument panel, affecting the visibility of brake, park, and antilock brake system warning lights.

This issue, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), violates federal safety standards and could potentially increase the risk of crashes.

Range of Models Affected

The recall spans a broad range of Tesla models, including:

  • Model S (2012-2023)
  • Model X (2016-2024)
  • Model 3 (2017-2023)
  • Model Y (2019-2024)
  • Cybertruck vehicles (2024)

Despite the extensive recall, Tesla has reported no crashes, injuries, or fatalities related to the issue, according to a January 30 report by the NHTSA.

Tesla’s Response and Further Investigations

Tesla plans to rectify the situation with a free over-the-air software update and has scheduled to begin sending out owner notification letters starting March 30.

Alongside this recall, Tesla is under scrutiny for separate concerns.

The NHTSA has initiated a preliminary evaluation regarding reports of power steering problems in some, 2023 Tesla Model 3 and Y vehicles, citing over 2,388 complaints about drivers losing steering control.

This recall is part of a series of actions taken by Tesla in recent times.

In January, Tesla recalled nearly 200,000 vehicles due to a malfunctioning backup camera. December saw a significant recall of over 2 million vehicles across four models to address a flaw in its Autopilot system, following a years-long NHTSA investigation into related crashes.

With information from CBS News

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