Tesla Issues Recall Over Backup Camera Software Glitch

Tesla has initiated a substantial recall of nearly 200,000 vehicles in the United States due to a glitch that affects the functionality of the backup camera.

The issue, which can cause the camera to go dark when the vehicle is in reverse, has raised concerns about increased crash risks.

The recall encompasses specific 2023 models of Tesla’s Y, S, and X series, all of which are equipped with the latest “Full Self-Driving” computer 4.0. The affected software versions range from 2023.44.30 to 2023.44.30.6 and also include 2023.44.100.

Swift Resolution Through Software Update

Tesla has taken proactive steps to address the issue by rolling out an online software update, which rectifies the instability causing the backup camera malfunction. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been informed of this software-related concern and the remedy in place. Owners of the impacted vehicles are slated to receive notification letters from March 22.

Despite the potential risk associated with the glitch, Tesla has confirmed that there have been no reported instances of crashes, injuries, or fatalities linked to the malfunction. The decision to initiate the recall was made on January 12, following a number of customer complaints that surfaced in late December. As of January 22, Tesla had logged 81 warranty claims that might be related to the backup camera issue.

Ongoing Oversight of ‘Full Self-Driving’ Systems

It’s important to note that despite the “Full Self-Driving” label, Teslas are not autonomous vehicles.

Drivers are expected to remain fully engaged and prepared to take control of the vehicle at any moment, a point that has been repeatedly emphasized by safety regulators.

With information from NBC Miami

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